What is migraine headache and how to prevent it

Today we shall understand Migraine’s concept, what is Migraine, types of it, how it can be prevented, and treatment of Migraine. But in a very simplified and easy to understand What is Migraine, Features of  Migraine, Types of Migraine, Causes of Migraine, Treatment of Migraine, Prevention of Migraine & Myths… So now let’s understand

What is migraine headache and how to prevent it

What is migraine headache and how to prevent it

What is Migraine

Basically, when you have throbbing on one side or more than one side of your brain, for example, this will be an unbearable and worst headache of your life. As if your brain is getting pounded. That’s Migraine. If you do not take medications up to the same, it can last up to 4-72 hours. It also has the ability to come again, and each time it comes, its called a Migraine episode. Let’s understand who all gender-specifications is not a gender-specific disease. Firstly, it’s not a disease. It’s a complex brain headache disorder, and second, it can affect anyone irrespective’s their age/sex. Mostly it’s common amongst women… Let’s now understand the signs and symptoms of it. Although I shall try my best to give you insight into the signs, not everything can be covered in detail as it’s a detailed medical topic.

Throbbing Pain / Pulsing headache, which gets worse with physical activity, also can go from moderate to severe in very less time. Followed by Nausea. In certain cases, vomiting is also noticed. You can also become anorexic, that means you would throw up immediately after eating. You develop sensitivity to light and sound… Now let’s try to understand “Type of Migraine,”

There are only two types of Migraines 1. Migraine with Aura 2. Migraine without Aura Now don’t be boggled with these terms they are no “Harry It’s” magic charms… 🙂 It’s not difficult to understand, but a simple concept in “Migraine with Aura” you would notice strange flashing-sights, illustrations, zig-zag lines, or central vision. These are warning signs that you are going to have a Migraine attack. You would have never noticed such instances or illustrations if you never had Migraine with Aura before and if this is your first attack. This is called “Migraine with Aura” Now, in Migraine w/o Aura, there is no Aura attention-type confused with Tension-type headache (TTH) has similar signs/symptoms as that of Migraine with Aura like Nausea, Vomiting, etc. Now you would be wondering what causes Migraine, basically, the entire fraternity of scholars, scientists, researchers, doctors, and medical professional have done extensive research, but the toey have been unable to come to a conclusive to Migraine causes,

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however, they do have some theories. But normally the Neurologists do try to understand our family history since it noticed that Migraine could occur due to family history. But don’t worry about the causes just yet, since we do know trigger-based headaches are trigger-based headaches.. and normally happens with either one of the reasons mentioned on the screen or some other. Medication Overuse also causes Migraines. For instance, your doctor prescribed by your doctor with a specific medicine that you have been taking for long for a specific heal, the issue/problem. Initially, there were no signs of Migraine, but, suddenly, after 1 or 2 years, you have developed… Migraine headache, so don’t stop the medication yourself but try to talk to your doctor and explain to him the symptoms you are facing… We have seen primary Tr, triggers of Migraine. However,r there are secondary triggers that exist due to T, for instance, have Migraine, for instance, there are other secondary triggers, but we cannot discuss them. Now let’s understand the concept of preventing Migraine from happening. Basically, this is what you need to do… It would help if you had a diary wherein you would write… what were you doing before the attack or what happened before the attack… What time did it start, start date, end date, and end time, with that being said, what medications did you take during the attack? Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Diclofenac, etc.

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Were these medicines effective? – Yes or no?

When you would maintain this log for three or four attacks, it would help you a lot… specifically in understanding your trigger points and will also help your Neurologist to give you medicines aTo diagnose your migraine effectively. To Avoid your letters, AVOID MIGRAINE.

Now let’s understand the treatment available for Migraine. Every Neurologist would have two treatments for patients, depending on the type and severity of the attacks; they would either go for Preventive or Symptomatic treatment. But these salts/drugs are prescribed. Basically. Basically. Basically. Basically. Basically. Basically. Basically. Basicallyelf-prescription has taken on self-prescription, or as told to you by your pharmacist, this should only be taken in consultation with a Neurologist. When should we consult a Neurologist?

1. When your episodes have crossed 3-4 times in a month/ or days etc.

2. Once you understand your trigger points

3. When OTC(Over the counter) painkillers are no more effective in your attacks.

4. Nausea and Vomiting persists.

5. Having frequent or severe migraine attacks.

Now let’s understand the Myths behind Migraine.

1.  Many youngsters claim that they cannot have Migraine due to age factor, this definitely is not a case, since Migraine is not age as pacifism our order

2.  I have a Brain tumor or serious brain condition/disease because I have these attacks? Please do not refer to Google for treatment or Diagnosis. Refer to a Neurologist who is certified,  medical professional, and knowledgable enough to understand and treat your migraine.

3.  Migraine is a disease that spreads from physical contact, d, definitely not! First of all, it isn’t a disease,e but a disorder, and second, it can’t be spread like infectious disease cases.

4.  Migraine can harm my sex/personal life… not at all! It can only disturb your personal life at the time of the attack, not before, not after. Let’s understand how to prevent stress-free Start living a stress-free life, go out, indulge yourself in some activity release the day’s stress as most of the cases we encounter, and almost 70-80% people are affected by it due to stress.

5.  Avoid Triggers Avoid Migraine, hence maintain help. Meditation and yoga help calmer and relax your nerves in the brain, so try to indulge in this activity. Exercise also helps since breaks your cortisol (stress hormones); hence, stress levels in your body are reduced, thus reducing extracurricular activity to divert your mind. I truly hope that you would have liked the information in this article…

please do not self medicate yourself with prescribed drugs or medicines.

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