How to gain weight naturally: causes, treatment, diet plan

If you gain weight in a healthy way, your whole personality shines. You can wear the kinds of clothes that you desire to wear and also feel good about yourself.

How to gain weight naturally: causes, treatment, diet plan

There are reasons for unable to gaining weight medical reasons like-

•  Chronic Anemia
•  Intestinal Worms
•  Tuberculosis or TB

•  Diabetes

•  Cancer and AIDS

Firstly, let’s talk about the medical reasons for not being able to gain weight.

There are some common diseases that do not disable a person but do not let them live a normal and healthy life either.

• Anemia

Chronic Anemia is a lack of red blood cells.

Intestinal Worms

Intestinal Worms which is common in many parts of India, due to non-availability of clean drinking water. It may also happen if one does not wash their hands properly before eating and also due to not washing fruits and vegetables properly before consuming them This results in many people getting infected susceptible those children who get infected with intestinal worms to appear quite thin and malnourished, but their stomach looks bloated.

Tuberculosis or TB

It is also widespread in India, And those people who get infected with this disease are unable to gain weight plus they also feel quite tired. They may also occasionally suffer from fever at night.

Increase of thyroid hormone production
Another reason is that many times people have a problem digesting food properly and because of improper digestion, their stomach gets upset frequently and thus unable to gain weight Increase of thyroid hormone production in the body.


• Diabetes

Diabetes at a young age also prevents people from gaining weight.

Cancer and AIDS

Cancer and diseases like AIDS also prevent one from gaining weight.

Blood test
So before you change your diet plan and try to gain weight, you should first go to the hospital and get a blood test done in which test is done for Anemia, Diabetes & Tuberculosis And as far as intestinal worms or some other stomach infection goes and also to rule out any digestive disorders you should have a stool test done, which will effectively rule out all these problems.

How to gain weight

Now, that which we call healthy weight gain happens when there is a uniform growth of muscles and bones, and besides this, the body is also well hydrated at all times. To increase weight in this healthy manner.

Hydrate your body

First of all and the most important thing is to ensure that the body is well hydrated, which means that there should be an adequate amount of water in the body.
First thing you should do in the morning is to have two glasses of water and also ensure to have at least 2.5 litres of water during the day.

6 Scientific Benefits of drinking water you should try

Increase proteins and carbohydrates Intake

You should increase the number of proteins and carbohydrates in your diet and decrease the number of fats in your diet.
Many people recommend that to build muscle, you should take a diet with a lot of proteins or consume a lot of food supplements, but I do not recommend food supplements.

Eat Home-cooked food

My advice to you is that the best and healthiest method to increase your weight is home-cooked food. However, you must keep one thing in mind that you should not suddenly increase the intake quantity of your food because it can lead to indigestion and acidity.
Increase your food intake slowly and make sure to drink adequate amounts of water

Medicinal tonics to stimulate appetite

Those people who are unable to increase their food intake because they do not feel hungry can consume certain medicinal tonics to stimulate their appetite these are-

Ciplactin Syrup by Cipla
Practising Syrup by Wockhardt Pharma
Geriforte Syrup by Himalaya

Always consult with your doctor before using it.

Uses or doses

You can use any one of these tonics and take one teaspoon full of it, an hour before meals twice a day, during daytime and in the evening. All three tonics are available at Medical Shops.

Normal weight gain diet

First, I will tell you about a simple weight gain diet which is suitable for Indians and can be followed easily by most people.

Diet plan for weight gain

Firstly, drink two glasses of water (at room temperature), when you wake up in the morning. Eat breakfast half an hour later For breakfast.
You should have 2 Boiled Eggs one big bowl of porridge/oats one full glass of full cream milk followed by at least one serving of a Fresh Fruit those people who do not eat eggs can blend two bananas in milk and drink a milkshake instead 2 Hours before lunch.

Consume four big dates, along with a glass of lukewarm milk You can also blend the dates in milk and have it as a milkshake And those who do not like dates can drink mango shake in summer and banana shake in winter Also,

One of the healthiest options is to drink two glasses of Buttermilk, which is also known as “Mattha.”

For lunch

You can eat one medium bowl full of the whole dal along with Potato sabzi a green vegetable and at least four chapattis You should also have a medium bowl full of curd rice which cooked rice mixed with curd.
You must also include a big bowl or plate of salad which consists of sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots etc. Add one tablespoon of Olive Oil to the salad to make it healthier, and also taste better.

Those people who are non-vegetarians can replace the Potato Sabzi with two big pieces of chicken, mutton or fish.


At 5 PM

In the evening, at around 5 PM, you can accompany your tea with half a bowl of peanuts or even dry fruits like Cashews, Raisins or Almonds OR you can drink two or more glasses of Buttermilk or “Mattha.”

Between 6 & 7  PM

In the evening, between 6 & 7 PM you must do half an hour to one hour of exercise Exercising helps in digesting food better besides also keeping the body healthy In the night.

8 PM

It is best to eat light food Ideally you should be done with dinner by 8 PM If you finish dinner at least 3 hours before sleeping, then food digests well, and neither are there any problems of indigestion and acidity For dinner.
You can make a sandwich out of brown bread and butter and also add Peanut Butter, Cheese, Tomatoes and Cucumbers to it. You can make two such sandwiches and eat them along with a glass of warm milk.
Non-vegetarians can substitute cheese with eggs chicken, or fish. Those people who want to eat dal, veggies and roti for dinner also should eat one big bowl of dal and one healthy sabzi along with at least four chapattis.

After dinner

After dinner, you can eat four pieces of dark chocolate or traditional sweet dishes such as Halwa or Kheer Or the best sweet dish to eat is one big piece of jaggery also helps in digestion and prevents constipation.

Along with nutritious food, you can also take some vitamin supplements if need be By doing this, the levels of vitamins and minerals, and other essential nutrients in the body are maintained at an adequate level. It also helps in stimulating the appetite.

Some excellent and cost-effective vitamin supplements in the market are –

GSK Pharma’s Becadexamine Capsules

You can take one capsule after breakfast and one capsule after dinner, Or you can take Polybion Forte Capsules. You can take one pill daily after dinner. Always consult with your doctor before using it.

fore more information HEALTHLINE
I hope that the simple and nutritious diet that I have listed here is useful in increasing your weight in a healthy way

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