How to control diabetes naturally

Nowadays due to bad lifestyle and stress diabetes has become a very common disease. Diabetes is also called slow death.  This is a disease that once captures one’s body, does not leave it again for life.  The worst side of this disease is that it also invites many other diseases in the body.  Diabetes is common in patients with eye problems, kidney and liver disease and foot problems.  Earlier this disease used to occur only after the age of forty, but nowadays it has become a major cause for concern even among children. Today we will talk about How to control diabetes Naturally.


There are two types of diabetes.

Type-1 When pancreatic insufficiency is not sufficient to produce insulin, the insulin is made metabolizable by giving insulin to such patients.

Type-2  An adequate amount of insulin is released from the pancreas, but it is not used properly.  Eating medicines are given to such patients.

Pre-diabetes is high in blood sugar. Such people are identified by the smell coming from the feet and breath.

This disease cannot be eradicated, but it can be controlled, some people take medicine or use Insulin injection which can cause harm for a long time, today we will tell you How to control diabetes Naturally, you can control your diabetes without any side effect, so let’s start

Θ Drink 2 spoons of bitter gourd juice once a day.

Θ Drink 1 teaspoon of fenugreek powder twice a day with water.

Θ Take 2 teaspoons of gourd juice once a day along with one teaspoon of amla (Phyllanthus emblicajuice)

Tip 1
Green tea is also considered very beneficial in diabetes.  By using it, the body gets the insulin properly.

Tip 2
Drumstick leaves contain four times more calcium and double protein than milk.  In diabetes, intake of these leaves helps in digestion of food and lowering blood pressure.  Its regular intake also benefits.

Tip 3
Combine a tomato, a cucumber and a bitter gourd and take out the juice. Take this juice every morning on an empty stomach.  It is very beneficial in diabetes.

Tip 4
Wheat plants have curative properties.  Even after extracting juice from small wheat plants and consuming it daily, mudra keeps control.

Tip 5

The use of turnip also reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.  In addition, diabetic, gourd, parwal (Pointed gourd) , spinach, papaya etc. should also be used more frequently.

Tip 6
Chewing soft leaves of the evergreen flower give relief from disease.

Chew evergreen leaves on an empty stomach in the morning and drink two sips of water.  Soak three-four fresh pink flowers of evergreen in half a cup of hot water for five minutes.  After this, remove the flowers and drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Tip 7
Put two grams of cinnamon powder and one clove in boiled water and keep it covered.  Drink this water after 15 minutes.  By doing this twice daily in the morning and evening, diabetes can be controlled very fast.

Tip 8
Take fresh juice of 50 grams Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia)  twice daily.  It is beneficial in diabetes.

Tip 9
Grind 6 vine leaves, 6 neems (nimtree or Indian lilac) leaves, 6 basil leaves, 6 green leaves of Baganbelia(Bougainvillea) 3 whole black peppers with water on an empty stomach and do not eat at least half an hour after intake.  Its regular intake also makes sugar normal.

Tip 10
Sugar can be controlled to a great extent by eating raw beans of beans.  Cook till the Persian bean remains half raw in less oil.  Chewing them keeps diabetes under control.
Take a mixture of Persian bean and Cabbage juice.  Mix equal quantity of the powder of vine and Cetaphil leaves and give one spoon of water to the patients of diabetes.

Tip 11
Drink the juice of jackfruit leaves.  Chewing neem (nimtree or Indian lilac) pink soft leaves and sucking juice provides relief in diabetes.

Tip 12
Boil 100 grams leaves of mimosa in 300 ml of water and make a decoction.  Drinking this decoction provides great relief in diabetes.

Tip 13

Take 15 grams of Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) powder mixed with ghee.  This recipe is very effective in controlling diabetes.

Tip 14
Grind okra powder (5 grams), cardamom (5 grams), cinnamon bark powder (3 grams) and black pepper (5 grains) and prepare the mixture.  Take three parts of this mixture mixed with lukewarm water thrice daily.

Tip 15
To reduce the sugar level, take two to three basil leaves daily on an empty stomach or take a tablespoon of basil leaf juice.

Tip 16
Diabetic patients should eat berries with black salt.  This controls the amount of sugar in the blood.

Tip 17
Use one gram of cinnamon in the daily diet for about a month, this will help in reducing blood sugar level as well as control weight.

Tip 18
Bitter gourd is used as a diabetes medicine.  Its bitter juice reduces the amount of sugar.  Diabetes can be eradicated quickly with boiled water.

Tip 18
The powder of fenugreek should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning with two teaspoons of water.

Tip 19
Cut 5-6 bhindi in a glass or ceramic vessel and put it to the throat at night, filter and drink this water in the morning.

Tip 20
Diabetic patients should drink two spoons of neem (nimtree or Indian lilac) and four spoons of banana leaf juice regularly.


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