How to Control high blood pressure without any medicines.

we learned what is blood pressure, how to Control high blood pressure without any medicines. how much is normal and how is it affected What are the causes of blood pressure and if the cause is found, how it can be corrected to correct it  Without medicineshow much is normal and how is it affected What are the causes of blood pressure and if the cause is found, how it can be corrected to correct it  Without medicines Today I ll tell you seven basic things That will help you normalise blood pressure in 7 days

 How to Control high blood pressurewithout any medicines.


How to Control high blood pressure without any medicines.

The first and foremost thing to lower blood pressure is diet control You should lower salt intake and increase potassium intake Thus you should consume KCl salt  And you should consume more fibre Decrease oil intake in your diet You should stop consuming fried oily foods You should consume fruits with high fibre content Like Muesli,banana etc   And all other high fibre foods Eat lots of salads Drink juices Eat all types of vegetables but with less salt .  If you wish to add more salt to your vegetables then add KCl(potassium salt) Sendha namak/kala namak/ rock salt/ are all sodium salts.   But add potassium salt in minimum quantity  

Second most important aspect is regular physical activity As per the rules of nature our bodies are designed for regular workout, regular workout, regular physical  activity Like walking,running, lifting and pushing etc.   But our sedentary lifestyles don’t allow us to do so much of physical activity And due to lack of physical activity the elasticity of blood vessels decreases Hence decreasing the capacity of blood vessels to normalise blood pressure Thus blood pressure increases very easily Therefore regular workout in any form like simple walking, jogging, running, swimming, skipping etc For 30-45 minutes for at least 5 days a week is important. 

A third important aspect is weight control It’s very important to maintain healthy weight Heavy weight means that your heart will have to work harder to pump blood thus increasing blood pressure.    Thus it’s important to lose weight if you are overweight via diet and exercise as mentioned earlier


Fourth is alcohol.  Drinking alcohol increases blood pressure There are no nutrients in alcohol, it contains only empty calories which increases your blood sugar and blood pressure And it causes liver toxicity If you want to take alcohol, do not have more than 2 drink twice a month


Fifth is smoking. If you smoke, you should quit smoking. Also if you live in a dusty area, or ride your bike without a helmet or without covering your mouth, In such circumstances, blood vessels harden due to dust, pollution or smoke(in case of smoking) which increases blood pressure Elasticity of blood vessels is lost due to smoking leading to high blood pressure   Therefore save yourself from air pollution and quit smoking if you smoke Passive smoking is as dangerous as regular smoking So keep your surroundings smoke(tobacco) free. Do not let your near and dear ones smoke.


Sixth is stress management.  Everyone’s life is full of stress.  Stress needs to be managed To manage stress you can exercise, do yoga, If needed consult a psychologist And relieve your stress   If you have a lot of stress, you can take medicines after consulting a doctor.   Stress increases blood pressure as it causes exertion on your heart and brain Since your heart is under a lot of pressure/ exertion when you are stressed, blood pressure increases   Therefore it’s important to manage stress.


Seventh aspect is sleep   A good sleep of 6-8 hours is very important to maintain blood pressure. Because lack of sleep increases restlessness, weakness. Your body feels uncomfortable, restless Due to this restlessness, stress level increases due to increased activity of sympathetic system Hence increasing blood pressure Thus you have to manage all these 7 aspects Diet, exercise, weight, alcohol, smoke and pollution, stress and sleep If you can manage these 7 aspects then your blood pressure can be managed easily Manage these seven aspects in 7 days. Record your blood pressure daily You will see that your blood pressure is a gradual decrease. 

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