Best Home remedies for constipation

Nowadays Constipation is a very common problem. It is found in almost all age groups. Earlier only older people are more prone to it but nowadays even children are facing this problem because of their bad lifestyle. 
There are various artificial laxatives available in the market to cure constipation but they do more harm than good in the long run. 
So, today I am going to share some home remedies for constipation. All the remedies mentioned are totally natural and mostly available in your kitchen

Castor oil


Castor oil has been used for centuries to relieve constipation.  Along with eliminating constipation, it also kills stomach worms.  It is better to mix castor oil with milk and drink it mixed with milk before going to bed at night.  Do not put more than a spoon.  This will keep the stomach clean the next day.

Spinach has properties such as clearing the stomach, excluding harmful toxins from the intestines.  So about 100 ml of Spinach juice mixed with an equal amount of water and drink twice a day.  This home remedy also removes chronic constipation.

Orange is not only the main source of vitamin C, but it also contains plenty of fibre.  Eating one orange each morning and evening provides relief in constipation-like illness.  Make a powder by mixing two to three sunflower seeds with some flax seeds, sesame seeds and grated almonds.  Now eat one tablespoon of this mixture daily for a week.  This mixture not only removes constipation disease but also renovates the intestinal wall.

Add cumin, turmeric and celery to your diet.  They can be used to apply to temper the curries or to make chutneys.  This improves the digestion of the body. 

Drink water
Drink at least eight glasses of water daily.  Keep in mind, drink a glass of warm water before going to bed at night and in the morning and water is best Home remedies for constipation.

Flaxseed seeds
Flaxseed seeds are also high in fibre so it gives relief from diseases like constipation.  For good results, you can eat flaxseed seeds mixed with cornflakes in the morning or a handful of flaxseeds can be eaten in the morning with warm water.

Fibre-rich diet
Fibre must be in your diet.  This will keep you away from problems like constipation.  Linseed seed reduces the risk of constipation as well as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer.

Triphala powder is made from the powder of Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki medicines.  It keeps the digestive system balanced and provides relief from problems like constipation.  Triphala powder can be eaten by mixing the powder with lukewarm water or honey.  Eating this mixture before going to bed at night or on an empty stomach in the morning provides instant relief in constipation.  It is made entirely of medicines, so it is far superior to anti-biotic medicines.

Raisins are rich in fibre and act like natural laxatives.  Soak a handful of raisins in water overnight and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning.  It is a medicine for constipation in pregnant women without any side effects.  Raisins are like energy boosters, so they are better than any type of energy drinks.

Guava pulp and seeds contain a fair amount of fibre.  Food is digested quickly by its intake and acidity is relieved and best Home remedies for constipation Also, the stomach also clears up.  Guava also strengthens the immune system of the body along with the stomach, which increases the ability to fight against diseases.

Drink lemon and salt in a glass of lukewarm water and drink on an empty stomach in the morning.  By this, toxins from the body are removed from the intestines.  For this, mix one teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of warm water and then add a pinch of salt and drink this juice before freshening up in the morning.  Due to this, the toxin of the body is also removed.

Fig can be ripe or dry, acts like laxatives, because it contains a high amount of fibre.  To get relief from constipation, boil a few pieces of the fig in a glass of milk and drink it at night before bedtime.  Keep in mind, drink warm milk only.

Ripe vine
Ripe vine is very beneficial for constipation.  Boil it in water, mash it and extract its juice and drink it continuously for 15 days.  Constipation will disappear.
Soak raisins in water for some time, after that take it out of the water and eat it.  Constipation is cured by taking it regularly.

Some general suggestions:-

Home remedies for constipation Include guava, papaya, lemon and grapefruit in your diet daily. It also helps in constipation.  Stay away from garish, stale and open, fried foods of the market in constipation.  Stay away from tea, coffee, smoking and intoxicants.
To avoid constipation, leave the bed before sunrise.  Must definitely take a walk in the morning, regular exercise or yoga.
Soak fig in water overnight and then wake it up in the morning and eat it, it is useful to break constipation.
Constipation also ends by eating raw spinach or by consuming spinach juice.  Constipation is also eliminated by drinking one glass of spinach juice daily.
Constipation is cured by drinking 1-2 spoons of ghee in a glass of milk at night.
The patient of constipation must drink 4 to 5 litres of water a day.
Soak 20 grams of Triphala in half a litre of water at night.  After waking up in the morning, filter the Triphala and drink that water before going to the toilet.  This will eliminate the complaint of constipation within a few days.
Constipation is cured by drinking one spoon of honey mixed with a glass of water before going to bed at night.
After waking up in the morning, drinking lemon juice mixed with black salt and lukewarm water, the stomach remains clean.  Taking four or five grains of cashew nut and 5 grains of manuka every morning without eating anything in the morning also helps in constipation.
Constipation also ends by taking Isabgol husk while sleeping at night with milk or water.

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