Home remedies for acidity and gas problem

Today, acidity and gas have become a common problem.  Every man, whether child or elderly, has acidity.  There are many reasons for acidity like bad sleeping routine, eating fast food or more fried foods and smoking also causes acidity and gas. Nowadays Many adulterated foods have also come in the market which causes harm to our body.   if we go to the doctor about this problem, then the doctor may prescribe us many medicines.  By taking those medicines we may get relief for some time but as soon as we stop taking the medicines, the gas problem comes back. Today I am going to tell you some Home Remedies for Acidity and Gas problem Which you can adopt in your life to get rid of acidity.  So let’s start.

Basil leaves
Eating five basil leaves every day eliminates gas problems and many other diseases of the stomach.  In the gas problem, making basil tea or drinking its juice is also beneficial immediately.

Chewing cloves or taking clove powder with honey gives relief in the gas problem.

Eat less
If you are having a gas problem, eat less food.  After eating food, eat some papaya and sprinkle some black salt on it.  You will get rid of both gas and constipation

Chew some mint leaves or drink mint tea.  The gas problem will go away. It is the best home remedies for acidity and gas problem.

Honey & black pepper
Grind about half a gram of black pepper and mix honey in it and take, it provides relief.

Drink water
Whether you have a gas problem or not, one should drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.  Whenever there is a gas problem, drink as much water as possible.  This causes the acid to come out. This also gives relief in the gas problem.

Ginger tea
Drinking a little dry ginger in tea provides instant relief in gas.  Saute a piece of ginger in ghee and sprinkle some black salt on it, this will help in getting rid of gas.  This problem can also be treated by drinking a decoction of dried ginger.

Ripe Pineapple
Pineapple contains digestive juices.  The problem of gas can be treated with its intake, but keep in mind that always eat ripe pineapple.  Raw pineapple can damage the stomach rather than a benefitting it.

Mix turmeric, asafetida and cumin seeds in a few fenugreek seeds and make a powder. Add this powder in buttermilk and drink it after your meal. By using this, the problem of gas and acidity will be eliminated from the root. Its best Home remedies for acidity and gas problem.

Eating cumin cures problems related to the digestive system.  In the problem of gas, drink one spoon of cumin powder in cold water, it will be of great benefit.

Potato juice
The problem of gas can also be treated by drinking potato juice.  To make its juice, peel the raw potato and add water and grind in the mixer.  Sieve this juice and drink some warm water mixed in it.  Gas will be relieved.  This juice also keeps the liver fine.

Take some turmeric powder with cold water and then eat curd or banana.  Coconut water works as a medicine in the problem of gas.  It is rich in vitamins and nutrients.  Relieves stomach problems, whenever there is a gas problem, drink coconut water two to three times. You, Will, get rest.

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