Female pattern hair loss treatment/causes

In this blog will be discussing female pattern hair loss treatment/causes which is the slowly progressive hair loss in women and will be discussing its causes and how to treat it regarding skin related concerns and hair transplantation.

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so what is female pattern hair loss is a type of hair loss in which there is a very slowly progressive thinning of hair there is no hair fall for say but there is no progressive thinning of hair will start noticing that is care becomes more visible the area in which part of your hair the partition becomes wider and effect me the top of the scare the brightly area which is this part so you might have any Tak headlines but this area of the scalp in out so this is the characteristics of a female pattern hair loss switch off about 6 to 12 percentage of women in the age group of 20 to 30 years but above the age of 70 years 


it can affect up to 55% off women it usually occurs after 18 years of age but in severe cases where there is a strong genetic predisposition it can be seen even at the age of about 12 to 14 years most of the women who approaches for treatments and the age group of 25 to 40 years so that the second peak scene after Menopause so then it can also affect a lot of women between 50 to 60 years of age so why does female pattern hair loss occurred it is thought to be due to multiple sach actors of the causation is multifactorial that can be a genetic predisposition it is thought that maybe that is hormonal imbalance is which causes this disorder and also certain environmental factors have been implicated so this disorder usually runs in the family so if your mother and sister have thin hair and thinning of hair and a high chance that even you can develop


 it in patients who have a genetic predisposition to develop this hair loss it is we found that there is an alteration in the hair cycle this alteration in the air cycle occurs in the and Agencies so what happens is that the emergent a which is the growing phase is shortened and you know there’s a premature termination of the space so let’s say and agency is usually lasts for about 2 to 6 years normally but in these patients and aging face last for just about 8 6 to 8 months so the head that grows is thinner it is shorter and it is likely colours and they do not grow to the full-length this is why you’re not start noticing thinning of hair the age of onset how it will progress the pattern of hair loss the sincerity meaning thereby that feature of a small area of the entire all this is determined by Genetics so it is very difficult to predict how you are going to progress what kind of pattern you gonna follow by just examining most of the patient will only show thinning in the criteria for genocide meaning in the frontal area and whining of the partition margin but in some patients we can see and extensive hair loss involving the entire top area of the squares whenever we see a patient alopecia the first thing we look at is whether it is a scarring alopecia Fischer on on scarring alopecia means that that is totally destruction of the route of hair so then the overlying skin also be of different and there is very less chance of recovery of the hair follicle in non scarring alopecia what happens is that there is temporary loss of hair or there is thing Out Of The Heirs is not complete loss of the roots so this female pattern hair loss for the category of non scarring alopecia


 where there is a completely lost hair but the hair follicles are thinned out to such an extent that they are barely visible to the hell of progressive slowly there is reduction in the size of the hair follicles and you know it mainly in involves the front part and the top area so the hairline is usually interest in this hair loss on like in nails in the mail and genetic alopecia what happens is the You And The bodice Mighty pups save you lose entire here on the top of the squares and have just been stripped of their at the back button women they have an intact headline headline is not affected it is in fact 


but there is thinning behind the headlines which can sometimes lead up to the Crown area the vertex area so women come with complaints of squares visibility and you that scared gets really very fast enough to wash their head of sales and on the second day becomes very scanty and even a little bit of oil comes out of the square of the scalp is completely visible so that is usually the complaint that come with and not complete baldness and also many Raman complain that ponytail thickness has reduced so because the diameter of the head uses any make a ponytail you feel that is a really strong in this belly have any here there so this is the usual patterns so there is no use difference between male and female hair loss in lille you might have thick hair at the Bad and the density measurement at the back while in females that is diffuse thinning to even at the back

 they do have thinning of hair so that is the basic difference there is a diffuse hair loss in females and interesting study was conducted in 2012 in US with the look that identical twins and their pattern of hair loss in this study we found that testosterone levels and diabetes mellitus hypertension even psychological stress lack of photo protection and less physical activity all these pointed towards developing Khile pattern hair loss but we do need more studies to prove the association but this was a good starting point to you know kind of elaborate on the causes of hair loss and that they could be certain external factors which could also be implicated in this other than Genetics even hormones have been implicated in female pattern hair loss so testosterone dihydrotestosterone levels are found to be increased in certain within its not proven always within certain cases they found that and reliable the high and oestrogen levels are low in such patients to that could be won the reasons 

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why this head loss is seen in postmenopausal women when there is the sun decrease in oestrogen levels so that could also be one of the reasons why the head spin out we are trying to find the causes for this had lost then we can have targeted treatment in order to stop the progression but there are a lot of studies on the way and there is still a huge gap in the understanding of the pathogenesis of female pattern hair loss how does it appear like I said before their thinning of hair using it starts from the area you pass your hair and even in the country area and usually involves this much for the parietal scalp and sometimes even the temples can thin out so patients complain of thinning of the temples with tie ponytail Richie that they are looking bol so these other usual complaints and specially when the average weight of a second your washing their when the characters like the early statins be more visible and their chance to look both in the what are some of the conditions that can limit female pattern hair loss we need to make the diagnosis is right and you need to know that if you’re a pattern hair loss and not a sin to chronic telogen effluvium can be confused for female pattern hair loss but in that there is hair fall but there is no marks anything that is notice and low visibility of care that is notice the second condition which is commonly confused with female pattern hair loss is diffuse alopecia areata alopecia areata is a condition in which there are certain Croma Infiniti mediate a certain components that come into the the skin and they destroyed the hair follicle but this destruction is temporary picture can mimic that of female pattern hair loss that always remains one of a differential diagnosis 


the other one is trichotilomania which means that compulsively your blocking your hair without actually looking that is causing hair loss it is a psychological disorder and requires evaluation so we need to rule out all these conditions before we come to the conclusion that you are suffering from female pattern hair loss to how do we manage what are the investigations done and how do we tried this condition so it is usually clinical diagnosis blood test are really done so if there is a suspicion of either or reduced iron levels for suspicion of thyroid in balance that we could look for those in your blood test it is also found that patients with a pattern hair loss could have reduced serum ferritin levels as planet is been seen that patients who have highest serum iron level might respond better treatments that is one of the tests that we could or ask or otherwise the diagnosis is mostly clinical 


if there is a doubt in the diagnosis then we could ask for a skin biopsy in which we take a very small piece of skin about four Anam of skin with a 5 and examine that on the microscope this is ordered really but it could help us in differentiating if you know the diagnosis in doubt in differentiating this condition from diffuse alopecia areata or fusion effluvium so the treatment options can be divided into four categories for SBI topical treatment which is like lotion shampoo 

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second one be order medicines which are usually hormonal treatment third being like therapy and forth his hair transplantation so the first is topical lotion to the most commonly widely used lotion is minoxidil what it does improve blood flow to the squares and also its approaches the head into an agent-based into the growing space To Thehre becomes thicker and longer and become more than so that is something that we can do but remember that treatment for female pattern hair loss is long term you cannot expect an improvement in one or two months we have to take the treatment for at least 6 to 9 months to see improvements to minoxidil lotion is a good starting point usually use 5% lotion can we apply twice in a day another topical formulation may use the ketoconazole shampoo ketoconazole is supposed to have some antiandrogenic effects meaning thereby the hormone that causes the head loss it reduces the levels of the hormo so ketoconazole shampoo can be applied on the scary left on for about 5 minutes and wash out of this can be done about 2-3 times in a week and second is oral medication should these are usually medication that also the level of the hormones so that the hair become thick and thin hair can be stimulated to become thicker so the in this the most prominent ones are spironolactone uses popteron Acetate Jo spiral even finished it can be given in postmenopausal women should these are the options that you can discuss with your treating physician the dosage and duration for which you need to take should all be discussed with the physician and the other best people to take a call as to how long you have to take this medicine with low level laser therapy has been used to treat female pattern hair loss

 it comes in a form of helmet which can be used three times in a week for 15 minutes perception so you can buy the helmet is also stimulates hair with the thing I think or so it can improve your look to a certain extent it comes in helmets and laser comb and even at a Dermatologist officer can find low level laser therapy which you can take for about two to three times in a week in the last modality is a surgical modality which is hair transplantation 


so if the patient has had lost in a small area and has decent growth at the back of a square is this possible area then we can take help from their own plan them in the front which is more cosmetically important site rights to this can be done have made a blog on how we choose a patient of hair transplantation and when we do hair transplantation in women which have discussed in the blog you know we cannot go for a large number of graph we have to be very wise in Planning the hair transplantation to the area which is of the highest cosmetic importance and plant only in that part and then a do hairstyle in such a way that the body area can be covered it has to be discussed in detail and that is also an option that we can go for to remember that female pattern hair loss cannot be treated with just one lotion or Tablet it is a long-term process you have to continue the medicines for a long time so whenever you have a onset of female pattern hair loss that very thank you consult a Dermatologist you know you can get better results so you restart the treatment the better the results are so you have to be patient with therapy you have tea uses medicines for a long time and we can improve the results and we improve the appearance from baseline so there you go there was a short blog on female pattern hair loss I hope you found this blog useful. thanks

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