Best treatment for dandruff

our skin needs nourishment to stay healthy and smooth but most of us forget that our scalp is also a part of the skin ironically the scalp needs more nourishment than the rest of the skin why? because it has an extra job of feeding the hair roots as well due to lack of proper care and oil massages the scalp becomes dry and flaky this is called as dandruff
so a nourished scalp means no dandruff. Today I’m sharing the Best treatment for dandruff  and dry hair. if done regularly this will not only cure dandruff but also promote hair growth.


Vitamin-E capsules  are easily available at all pharmacies and you can pick any brand your choice. vitamin E improves the quality and the texture of the hair. It makes the hair shiny and nourished it also hydrates the scalp and removes dandruff flakes. vtamin E is one of the best treatment for dandruff.


Yoghurt is an excellent conditioner for scalp it deeply moisturizes the scalp skin and makes the hair visibly glossy it is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants that promote hair health it is also anti-fungal that fights dandruff.


Glycerin I have taken my regular one available at the pharmacies nothing too fancy glycerin attracts moisture it will pull moisture into the hair cuticle and locks it in, which means it’s a fab deep conditioner it also controls frizz and breakage it is non-toxic and has no side effects on hair using too much of it will however make your hair greasy so we will use around 1 tbsp of glycerin

castor oil

Here castor oil I would say is the most underrated hair oil ever it has ricinoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acid which improves blood circulation to the scalp hence increasing hair growth it fights scalp infection and dandruff it also reduces split ends and serves as a natural deep conditioner

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are also known as methi dana in India and are known for its amazing hair growth and nourishing properties for the scalp the seeds contain lecithin component that cure dandruff naturally fenugreek is also effective in hair strengthening and controlling hair fall fenugreek contains nicotinic acid and proteins that boost hair growth so soaked around 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds for 8 to 10 hours they have swelled up almost double in size and will be easy to grind make sure you don’t soak the seeds in too much water as we will be grinding them in the same water too much water will make the mask too runny and less effective


The egg is packed with proteins vitamin A vitamin D vitamin e amino acids and fatty acids and so much more.. it is just the best food for hair and makes it super shiny and soft I know a lot of people are vegetarians and don’t prefer animal products besides the dairy I totally respect you people, even lot of difference you may replace the eggs with honey as you wish.

so let’s begin with grinding the soaked fenugreek seeds by using a regular blender try to grind the seeds with the help of water they were soaked in and don’t add extra water. Make a paste and now let’s drop this fenugreek paste into the yoghurt (curd)  make sure that the yoghurt is quite thick and ensure that there are no lumps. now let’s add 1 tablespoon each of glycerine and castor oil
use a spoon to measure them and mix it well.

Now add around 5 capsules of vitamin E .Cut the capsules carefully to extract the secretion out give it all a good mix. now finally break the egg and mix it till all the ingredients are properly mixed once the mask is ready to leave it to rest for 10 minutes like so fenugreek seeds swell and firm up after a while making the mask thicker and richer so it’s easier to apply and isn’t runny at all before applying. Brush your hair free of tangles you can use a hair pack brush like so to apply I,

however, prefer an old toothbrush for the matter of convenience dip the brush in the pack and begin application from roots to length apply thoroughly concentrating on the scalp once properly applied tie your hair up and wear a shower cap leave it for at least two hours shampoo and condition as usual. fenugreek seeds are difficult to remove from wet hair however they shed away easily once the hair is dried so don’t shampoo hard to wash off the fenugreek paste. Do this once a week for visible results this is the Best treatment for dandruff. This pack also helps in regrowing lost hair.

I hope you found this article useful 

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