Apple cider vinegar uses, dosage, truth

Today’s topic is Apple Cider Vinegar Acetic acid, which makes up the apple cider vinegar About its uses and mainly medicinal uses Whether it’s effective or not in diabetes Hypertension Insulin resistance Heart disease Treatment of cancer   Is it as good as it’s being advertised Is it actually useful?, how useful The research, data, and proof behind its uses What are its side effects?

Apple cider vinegar uses, dosage, truth

Apple cider vinegar uses, dosage, truth.

Basically, all types of vinegar are made up of acetic acid is very strong in the undiluted form ( as it can burn your throat ), Which is formed by the fermentation of all types of fruits, sugarcane, grains Just like alcohol is made from the fermentation of food Similarly fermentation of all types of food release acetic acid Even the smell from garbage is due to acetic acid which is formed from Fermentation of food products. This acetic acid is formed by bacteria called acetic acid bacteria.

This bacteria is ubiquitous. It’s present everywhere It spreads easily through houseflies and all kinds of microorganisms. It is present inside our body also Inside our gut Inside the vagina of females, acetic acid is present along with other acids (like lactic acid) Vaginal fluid is acidic due to these acids Acetic acid with other acids has a protective role in the vagina since it has anti-bacterial property. The fat and carbohydrates present in our food are also digested with the help of naturally occurring acetyl group ( which is the main component of acetic acid) Acetal component combines with coenzyme A to form Acetyl CoA And helps digests fats and carbohydrates in glycolysis & Krebs cycle inside our body.

The acetic acid bacteria form acetic acid and secrete it From this acetic acid, vinegar is formed. The concentration of acetic acid may vary from 5-20% in various types of it along with water and flavor Apple cider vinegar is formed from the cider of apples. So basically apple cider vinegar is acetic acid And Acetic acid Is a weak acid but strong enough to damage your mucosa.
It’s so strong that Acetic acid is used as a chemical solvent in various industries To make paints, adhesives, ink Cleaning agents Acetic acid is corrosive, it can burn the skin if applied undiluted Thus it’s used in diluted form 1% acetic acid solution is antibacterial It kills bacteria present on the skin when applied on skin In earlier times acetic acid was injected in cancerous cells to kill them.

This was done in the 1800s It was also used for screening of cervical cancer by simply applying Acetic acid over the surface of the cervix. As a result area with cancer cells turned white But This is obsolete, nowadays there are better tests to detect cancers Nowadays 1% acetic acid is used as an antiseptic, antibacterial, topically & For the treatment of outer ear infection in diluted form as recommended by WHO Coming to vinegar which 5-20% acetic acid Vinegar also has antibacterial properties So it can be used topically for an outer ear infection and will kill bacteria when applied on any surface Vinegar or acetic acid not applied inside the ear, only recommended for outer ear Do not use it for any type of ear infection without consulting a doctor

Secondly As far as studies on vinegar are concerned Study conducted on rats found that Regular use of vinegar Consuming vinegar regularly in rats showed that The post-meal blood glucose was not as high as it normally would be But this effect is not seen with simple sugar/ carbohydrates Such as white rice, sugar, sweets. This effect was seen with complex carbohydrates Such as brown bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes Vinegar aids in the digestion of complex carbohydrates, And post-meal blood glucose measured 2 hours after a meal is not as high.

When vinegar was consumed with Complex carbohydrates And this way HbA1c which tells average plasma glucose for the last three months also decreases However these findings are not consistent Not seen in all studies, so things need more research. This effect is seen because our body also makes acetic acid ( acetyl group) for digestion So obviously it has a role in digestion. The same can be said for fats digestion Vinegar when consumed with fatty foods helps in digestion. if fats But no advantage of taking it separately Plus it has been observed That taking acetic acid along with food resulted in early satiety.

Thus aiding in weight loss a little bit All these effects are observed Acetic acid also has antioxidants like polyphenols such as Flavonoids, phenolic acid, aldehydes All these polyphenols antioxidants protect you from oxidative damage Like aging, cancer, etc But keep in mind That all these properties are also present in other acids like citric acid Small amount of acetic acid is also present in fruits In vegetables also Thus eating all fruits and vegetables will fulfill the requirement of antioxidants That is if you are taking a good amount of fruit and salad and vegetables in your diet. Then you need not take vinegar/ acetic acid separately.

So Taking it extra might not give you any extra advantage Plus there are side effects like Regular use of extra vinegar is seen to deplete potassium stores in our body Leading to hypokalemia i.e low potassium which is not good for the heart Due to ACV, renin level might get altered in the body Leading to water absorption problems in the body Also excess use of vinegar results in weakening of bones.

Thus there are many side effects And uses are very limited & not very well proven So do not stop your diabetes medicines and start only consuming vinegar This will not control your blood sugar If you will follow a proper diet along with your diabetes medicines then your blood sugar will stay in control Thus the effectiveness of vinegar is very little as compared to the effectiveness of proper diet & exercise If I give you a choice to choose the healthiest from ten options Won’t you choose the one that has the maximum benefits, so choose diet & exercise

These days things with less and least benefits are being advertised and promoted as most healthy So please choose wisely As far as blood pressure, heart diseases and cancer risks are concerned. There is no medical proof that vinegar decreases the risk for such conditions The risk or such conditions will decrease with a healthy diet, regular exercise and following a good lifestyle So please do not follow advertisements blindly Choose wisely Consume apple cider vinegar or any vinegar in your diet As a dressing on your salads, in form of pickle, in Chinese cuisine Consume it for taste Do not drink extra vinegar for extra benefits It is neither required nor recommended be it any vinegar If you are still interested in consuming it then at least have it in your food Do not take it separately Eat it in your food, in your salad, daily Because it benefits when taken with food So this was all about apple cider vinegar/vinegar/ acetic acid. Thanks

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