6 natural antidepressant foods you need to try

Today we will discuss 6 natural antidepressant foods you need to try.

Depression can creep into your life without warning. While it is difficult to fight, it’s not impossible. From medication and counseling to natural remedies, several things can help. In today’s article, we will be discussing the 6 best natural antidepressants foods you need to try that will keep you afloat.


What is 5-HTP, and why is everyone talking about it? How about vitamin B and Zinc? Can the same help? We’re talking all of this AND more
5-HTP Your body needs this to produce serotonin. Why is serotonin so important? It is a chemical messenger that allows your nerve cells to communicate by sending signals. Low levels of serotonin give you problems like depression, anxiety, weight gain, and sleep disorders. This is why 5-HTP supplements have become so popular. The good news is that there has been extensive research on HTP’s effect on depression. Several small studies have shown 5-HTP to be successful in boosting your mood. Experts recommend that 5-HTP should be used along with other treatments. But wait, that’s not all. 5-HTP has several other health benefits, including its effect on your weight. It increases the feeling of fullness, which makes you eat less and eventually drop pounds. Do you know what the problem is with losing even a small amount of weight? It triggers an increase in the production of hormones that make you hungry. This is basically your body trying to get back the fat you lost. But 5-HTP puts a stop to this. It counteracts these hormones and reduces hunger. The cravings won’t bother you. As a result, you will definitely lose weight. Still, not sure? Maybe the numbers will speak to you. A study involving people with diabetes reported exciting results.

Some of the participants existed given a placebo, and the others were on 5-HTP. This went on for two weeks, and the result came out that those who took 5-HTP ate 435 fewer calories per day. That’s not all. 5-HTP also stopped the body from taking calories from carbs, and this created healthy blood sugar levels. It well seems like 5-HTP is going to win several nods! While we’re at it, have you ever felt a particular supplement or food helped you lose weight? What was it, and how good were the results?

Ginkgo Biloba


This is a herb that increases blood flow to the brain. This provides your mind with more oxygen, causing it to work better. This means you will experience significant improvements in your concentration power and memory. You will also have higher levels of energy. There hasn’t been much research to link this herb to your mood directly. But one study shows that this herb led to improved attention and memory. These are the most common problems experienced by people with depression. It is also believed that this herb can improve your libido. Take 40 to 80 milligrams two or three times a day. Its flavonoids and other antioxidants will provide you with relief.

Vitamins B


There is a reason why everyone, including mental health experts, recommends a balanced healthy diet. The food you eat has a lasting impact on your body. This includes your mood. You might hate green leafy veggies like broccoli, but your body loves them. Your body needs the vitamin B complex for several crucial functions, which include producing mood-boosting chemicals. Vitamins like folate and B12 help your brain convert amino acids into essential brain chemicals like serotonin. You already know how the lack of serotonin causes depression. include vitamin B rich food in your diet like


  • milk.
  • cheese.
  • eggs.
  • liver and kidney.
  • meat, such as chicken and red meat.
  • fish, such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon.
  • shellfish, such as oysters and clams. these all are natural antidepressant foods.

A 2005 study reviewed several studies on low vitamin B-12 status and depression. It has found that there are strong links between low vitamin B-12 serum levels and the onset of depression. The research also stated that a high level of vitamin B-12 could make your treatment more effective. Experts suggested people with depression can take a 1-milligram supplement of vitamin B-12 daily. Besides depression, there are other signs. These include weakness, difficulty concentrating, and impaired thinking. Some people also experience a rapid heartbeat that comes out of nowhere. The best way to get vitamin B folate is by eating natural antidepressant foods like spinach, kale, and eggs. You can make a spinach omelet. Fish like tuna and salmon are great options as well. Organ meats, especially liver and kidney, are also loaded with vitamin B.

For older folks, getting vitamins is difficult since they’re harder to absorb. This poses the same difficulty for vegetarians. However, they can take supplements. If you are trying to fight off depression, take 800 micrograms of vitamin B folate and 400 micrograms vitamin B12 daily. Make sure you eat healthy meals. Before we move ahead, here is something you might like. It’s the ultimate guide to every vitamin your body needs.

Read it to learn which vitamins you need daily and how to get them. SAM-e S-adenosyl L-methionine. (SAMe). The name sounds scary, but it is a chemical right in your body. Your liver produces and consumes it. It works just like prescription antidepressants to boost chemicals in your brain that influence your mood and keep you happy. Experts even say it’s as efficient as prescription meds. The best part is that it kicks in faster than prescription drugs. Medication usually takes over three weeks to work, while SAMe works as quickly within one to two. You can earn 200 milligrams of SAMe twice a day for a week.
Still not feeling better?
After a week, you can increase the dosage by another 200 milligrams. You keep upping your dose by the same amount until you feel relief. The maximum recommended dosage is 1,200 daily milligrams. This chemical compound is believed to assist with osteoarthritis and several liver diseases. Since it’s closely tied to the liver, the mixture plays a vital role in dealing with liver cirrhosis from alcohol abuse. If you have gastrointestinal issues, you need to be a bit more careful as SAMEs can aggravate it. Besides this side effect, there aren’t any other long-term effects as of yet.


Zinc isn’t just a nutrient you need to meet your daily requirements. ‘It has a far more critical role to play in your mood. It has such a strong impact that some experts even call it an antidepressant. More than 300 enzymes in your body use Zinc to help complete tasks. From DNA synthesis to cell division, zinc is everywhere. And guess where the highest amount of Zinc found in your body? Your BRAIN! It located in a particular part that regulates emotions, memory, learning, and motivation. When your body lacks Zinc, its levels decrease and cause depression, ADHD, and seizures. But how do you get Zinc? The best option is natural food resources. But if you can’t get the proper amount, then you can get supplements.
Oysters are a great source of Zinc and this is the best natural antidepressant foods. Meat and poultry are good sources too. Your body cannot store Zinc, so you need this nutrient from your food daily. There is a particular compound in grains, legumes, and nuts that will interfere with the absorption of Zinc.

Omega 3


Fatty Acids From your heart health to hair and skin, omega three fatty acids help keep your body super healthy. Interestingly, it is even better for your brain and your mood. Research has shown that omega 3 plays an essential role in helping to treat various types of depression. People who struggled with depression and suicidal ideation had surprisingly low levels of omega-three fatty acids. So how do you get omega-three from your diet? Eat more fatty fish like salmon and mackerel these all are natural antidepressant foods. You can also take supplements.

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